Alan on January 10th, 2010

Lake Tahoe Entertainment includes just about everything that you could imagine. While outdoor activities abound in all seasons, the hotels and other facilities around the vast lake provide some of the best entertainment that you might find anywhere. By taking the time to check out these places, you might end up spending more time indoors […]

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Alan on March 24th, 2009

As with many natural wonders, construction has threatened the lake more than once. Lake Tahoe is a major topic of discussion and public interest for groups such as the League to Save Lake Tahoe, who are trying to stop the development along the shoreline that is clouding the water and ruining its naturally clear and […]

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Alan on March 23rd, 2009

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake that is located west of Carson City, Nevada, near the California border. It is the largest alpine lake in North America, and was formed more than 2 million years ago. The water is very clear, and provides a major tourist attraction both for California and Nevada. There are many […]

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Alan on February 10th, 2009

A Lake Tahoe Vacation during the winter will allow you to enjoy skiing and winter sports at their best. Lake Tahoe is one of the premier skiing and snow boarding destinations in the entire world. Located in the Sierra Nevada region, Lake Tahoe is a prime destination for many skiers, and has been for years. […]

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Alan on February 9th, 2009

Taking a Lake Tahoe vacation is a popular choice for many people looking to get away from the grind of everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you take a vacation in the summer and come for the water sports and outdoor activities, or if you’re planning a winter skiing vacation, there is something for everyone […]

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