When traveling long distances, there are times when you don’t want to plan every step of the way. It adds to the adventure to take chances. And a chance we took when we rode into Durango, Colorado without a hotel reservation on a Tuesday afternoon in cold, rainy weather. We didn’t even have a hotel discount coupon booklet with us to help locate a cheap, clean hotel in Durango. We did however pick up some booklets at the Tourist Information Center in Pagosa Springs (If you are passing through Pagosa Springs you may want to set aside a few hours to enjoy one of their many famous mineral water hot springs . It will cost you in the range of $10 to $20 per person for a few hours swim.)

As we began cruising down Main Avenue in Durango we eyeballed several motels that were in the tourist information booklet and stopped at one to check out a room. For $70 per night + tax and a view of the parking lot on our first stop we decided to drive out Main Ave a little further to see what we might find. It worked well to call a few of the hotels that were marked with the $ sign in the tourist information booklet. We decided to drive to the Knights Inn on N. Main Avenue formerly called the Alpine Inn.

As we drove into the parking lot we were impressed – it did not look like a Knights Inn, if you know what I mean. It was quaint, had some curb appeal, and at least the rooms on the second floor were facing the mountains. For 2 queen size beds facing the mountain she quoted us $67. After she quoted us the price I inquired about the AAA rate and she dropped it another $7 making the room $60 plus about $5 tax.

As is our routine, especially when staying in $ hotels, we asked to see a room. It definitely met our expectations: It was large, neat and clean, and offered the amenities of a mini frig, microwave and wi-fi (a must for travel blogging). They also offered a small continental style breakfast of packaged sweet rolls, donuts, bananas, coffee and tea.

Just so you know there is another Knights Inn in midtown, also located on Main Ave and positioned a bit closer to the historic downtown area. The Alpine Inn which was recently bought out by Knights Inn is a little further out, but just a few minutes drive from the Durango historic downtown area. If you are in need of a cheap, clean hotel in Durango, Colorado the Knights Inn on Main Ave fit the bill for us. It may also fit the bill for you too.


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