Most skiers who think of the top destinations in the United States focus on Colorado, and for good reason. The state offers plenty of slopes for skiers of all skill levels, and the Rocky Mountains are the perfect environment for every ski bunny or aspiring Olympian. Of course, the Rockies aren’t the only mountains in the country, and other states offer excellent ski destinations, too. Consider the six on this list, which are sure to be a hit.

Breckenridge, CO

More than 150 years old, this mountain town is the perfect getaway for any outdoor lover. Various types of skiing are available during the months of winter and spring, which makes it fun for the whole family. Of course, Breckenridge doesn’t shut down in the summertime. The town continues to offer activities such as river rafting, golfing, horseback riding and rides in hot air balloons.

Lake Placid, New York

Forget about the horror movie of the same name. Lake Placid is actually home to Whiteface Ski Resort, one of Ski Magazine’s top-rated resorts on the East Coast. Whiteface is less hurried than the resorts in Vermont, because fewer skiers know about it. However, this is not because it is any less worthy. This resort has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in the past 100 years, and bobsled and toboggan rides aren’t far away, either.

???Anchorage, Alaska??

The great outdoors is home to moose and skiers. The Anchorage area has received high reviews for its skiing accommodations as well as a general vacation site. Anchorage not only offers the snow-covered hills and trails for cross-country skiing, but it’s one of the few places in the country that offers the breathtaking site of the Aurora Borealis. Three different alpine ski locations exist within forty-five minutes of downtown, including Alyeska Resort and Arctic Valley ski area.

Sundance, Utah??

When you think of Utah, you might think of the Mormons in Salt Lake City or even potatoes. However, those are only two of the offerings of the state. Sundance, in particular, is home to a ski resort that actor Robert Redford owns. Sundance Ski Resort has an unmistakable appearance due to its natural woods, hand-crafted furniture and features made of local stone. Sundance is all about the old-fashioned charm that some resorts have foregone to appeal to the masses. Cozy cottages keep you warm until you are ready to hit the slopes on skis or snowboards. Instructors offer snow shoe courses for anyone wanting to learn how they are used, as well.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada??

Heavenly Valley Ski Resort boasts the largest snow-making machines in the region, and that’s not all that Lake Tahoe offers to avid skiers. The resort offers condos for guests, who can then hop down to Tahoe itself and partake in a little gambling. Aside from skiing, visitors can enjoy snowmobiling, sleigh rides in the winter and the region’s natural hot springs. Heavenly Valley Ski Resort has the advantage over the competition, because its height offers a long season. Skiers can hit the slopes between November and May. The snow-capped mountain is the perfect location for a winter picnic, too.

???Vail, Colorado??

Vail is known as the number-one ski destination in the country, and you won’t read a list that doesn’t mention this town. The official Vail Ski Resort has been open since 1988 and is the largest in the country. The resort provides activities on Vail Mountain. This gigantic resort includes 33 ski lifts with nearly 200 different ski trails. Lovers of the cold can experience exhilarating activity in single-digit temperatures during the colder months of the year. To relax, enthusiasts can stop by the town’s ski museum, too.

This has been a guest posting by the Breckenridge resort managers in Breckenridge, CO.


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