Every traveler knows the drill. You’ve been on the road for several hours and it’s time for the proverbial potty break. Finding a decent bathroom is always a challenge but if you are traveling through Kentucky on I-24 we think we have found the nicest, cleanest, public bathrooms available in the state. In fact you’ll feel so at home, or rather you’ll feel like you’re at grandma’s house, you might decide to extend your bathroom break and just hang out for a while. That’s what we did.

The bathroom we rate as number 1 in all of our travels is in kind of an unexpected place, Paducah, Kentucky. Once the hunting grounds of the Chickasaw Indians, according to aboutpaducah.com the White Haven Welcome Center on I-24 is the only historic house in America that has been restored as an interstate tourist rest stop. It should also be noted for having the prettiest and cleanest bathrooms in all of Kentucky – at least of all the one’s we stopped at.

What really impressed me were the 3 vases of fresh cut flowers in the ladies room – mixed bouquets of zinnia, azalea, cockscomb and fragrant roses blessed the counter tops. The workman cleaning the bathrooms told me the ladies who tend the flower gardens on the property are the same ones who adorn the bathrooms with fresh cut flowers from same gardens. Flowers are always a beautiful touch, but so unexpected at an interstate rest area. According to Alan even the men’s facilities were privy to several whiskey bottles filled with water and a single stem.

After you use the facilities, you may want to take a breather on the cast iron bench in the flower garden, enjoy the birds, the blooms and the shade trees before heading out again. You will feel refreshed and ready to continue your journey after visiting the clean restrooms and visitors center in Paducah Kentucky.


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