While on vacation in Seacrest Beach FL earlier this month we got to see some pretty incredible homes and condos on the beaches and byways of Highway 30A along with a few, well, I guess you could call them shacks. We also saw one of the biggest homes we’ve ever seen and it looks somewhat like an aquarium attraction.

To say there is a diversity of Seacrest Beach real estate is surely an understatement. As you ride your bike along the meandering bike path that runs along 30A for some 18 miles you will notice big resort and luxury condo developments, large mansions fit for kings next to large lots right on the beach with what appear to be shacks or tiny homes in much need of repair and new construction going on everywhere just down the road from abandoned residential developments.

There are also an assortment of oddities that grab your attention as well. A couple of these oddities really stood out to us. One was a large nearly completed home in the 5 to $10 million range that was on a quite unremarkable lot. The 3 story house had no swimming pool, not a very good view of the beach and was on a tiny, odd shaped angular lot that seemed somewhat out of place. We were trying to figure out why someone would put that kind of money into a home on a lot that was mediocre at best. If you have that much money wouldn’t you want a home on the beach or at least one with a good view?

The second and somewhat bizarre home we saw was still in the construction phase and didn’t look much changed since our last trip to Grayton Beach 2 years ago. The home has somewhat futuristic rolling lines to it with blue tinted aquarium looking glass making up a majority of its exterior walls. The sweeping roof-line appears wavelike, but its massive proportions in some places give it an almost military feel. At one point towards the back of the house the roof juts out to a point that is probably 5 feet thick measured vertically. It’s quite unattractive, but to each his own. Check out the photos below to see what I mean:

Seacrest Beach Real Estate Mega Home

Huge Home On Alys Beach

And here are a few other homes along the beach:

Seacrest Beach Real Estate

30a Beach Real Estate

What’s even more remarkable about the real estate in Seacrest beach and the surrounding communities is that these are second homes for many of the owners. Some people do live here year round, but this is mainly a vacation and resort community and is somewhat deserted during the off season. Must be nice to build a multi-million dollar home and live in it only a few months of the year. At least we can enjoy the scenery though.


4 Responses to “Seacrest Beach Real Estate”

  1. Terri says:

    It’s been awhile since I read your blogs. I used to stop by Affiliate Confessions but got away from blogging, now I’m back! Nice blog but those houses on the beach are way too much house for me and hubby to vacation in.

  2. Tom says:

    I love the blog! There are many great homes along 30A! Check out JoeOptions.com for rentals along 30A. The site was started by 30A owners. If you are an owner you can find more info here: http://joeoptions.com/email/templates/index2.html

  3. Great blog! Love 30a. I am ready for the bird home to be finished. I have been watching it for 9 years! Please check out our blog and our new JoeOptions video. Stop digging and Start Finding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kohBjcuPMhE


  4. 6Horse says:

    Great house and photographs. That house just seems to fit on the beach. Like a log cabin in the mountains.

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