Who says it’s difficult to eat healthy while traveling?  An iPod or smart phone comes in real handy when you want to find uniquely healthy restaurants. That’s exactly how we found Linda’s Local Food Cafe – Durango Colorado’s best kept restaurant secret.

Linda is committed to contributing to the health and wealth of her community by serving real food from local farmers as much as possible. This is the kind of eatery we want to support. It’s a win win situation for everyone. Eating at Linda’s you will be supporting your own health as well as the health and wealth of the  community.  Not to mention the food is outstanding.

Linda serves fresh, whole foods which she rightly refers to as “real food.” We appreciate this philosophy. Her menu items are all made from scratch with organic and local ingredients when available. For those looking for a vegan restaurant in Durango we recommend Linda’s as well.

We enjoyed several vegan specials of the evening which included  Summer Squash Soup, the Market Salad and the Vegan Plate. The Summer Squash Soup was $4 and we got  a generous, aromatic bowl full of chunky summer squash, leeks, onions, and parsley simmered in a chicken stock base.  The Market  Salad was amazingly fresh. It honestly tasted like the chef  just went into the garden and picked the assorted leafy greens, carrots and cucumbers. This $8 salad tossed to perfection with a honey orange dressing was a real hit with us. The piece de resistance was the Vegan Plate for $9. It was a large dinner plate filled with South Indian Dahl;  curried eggplant with potatoes, okra and greens; jasmine rice; and a small side of the Market Salad.

Alan and I were both hungry when we arrived and felt fully satisfied after sharing the above three menu items for dinner. Who says eating healthy when traveling has to be difficult or expensive. This local, made from scratch, whole food meal for 2 cost us $22 total. You can’t beat that.

Least you think Linda mainly caters to vegans, guess again. Her menu boasts fresh Mexican tamales, burritos and more. For a little extra you can even enjoy your burrito with a freshly made corn tortilla. She also offers a full breakfast menu – think farm fresh egg burritos and omelets, local herbal teas, coffee, and Horchata (a sweetened Mexican rice milk). For those who want to enjoy a cocktail or beer with their health food you’ll find Linda serves locally brewed beers and spirits – if you like Bloody Mary’s try the Local Mary made from organic vodka and fresh local tomatoes.

Linda partners with and has a passion for supporting local farmers. All of the meats she uses are locally sourced and thus she uses only humanely raised poultry, beef and pork in her recipes. She has a goal to incorporate more and more local produce into her menu items.

Linda’s Local Food Cafe is nestled just 1 block from the historic downtown area next to Albertson’s at 309 West College Drive, Durango, Colorado 81301. The best kept secret in Durango Colorado.

We were looking forward to coming back yesterday evening trying some other items on the menu at Linda’s, but unfortunately the weather predicted the next day for our 350 mile drive to Marble Canyon Arizona included 50 to 60 mph winds. We missed one more dinner at Linda’s but we already know her restaurant will be a hit with organic food lovers, so stop in if you live near Durango or are just passing through like we were.


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