While walking through downtown Columbia Missouri yesterday evening looking for a place to eat (we were really looking for the local Panera Bread), Jean and I unexpectedly came upon Main Squeeze Natural Foods Cafe and Juice Bar and it hit the spot for two road weary and hungry travelers. After another 680 mile drive towards our eventual destination of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas, Main Squeeze was exactly what we needed.

Main Squeeze is located at 28 S. 9th St which seems to be right along the main drag in downtown Columbia that is bustling with students and activity from the University of Missouri. Amongst the other restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops and hula hooping hippies in the downtown area, Main Squeeze isn’t that noticeable (you kind of have to look for it), but if you miss it, you miss the best natural foods anywhere in the area. And as organic and natural foods go, the fare is cheap as in broke college student cheap…well, sort of. Jean got the large house salad and I got the Sunshine Burger and our total bill came to less than $15.50 and that is cheap for organic. And the food was superb. My veggie burger was excellent and was probably one of the best I have ever eaten, no kidding.

Besides veggie burgers and salads on the menu you can choose from a variety of soups, wraps, sandwiches, smoothies and freshly squeeze fruit and vegetable juices. And when you order, so the staff knows which menu items belong to whom, instead of getting a number, you are given a plastic figurine of an animal, a prehistoric animal, a superhero or some other eclectic figure that you can entertain yourself with while you wait at your table for your order to be delivered.

It is too bad jean and I are just passing through Columbia because we could definitely get used to Main Squeeze Natural Foods. If we lived here we would most certainly be regular customers. If you live in Columbia and haven’t yet visited Main Squeeze, do yourself a healthy favor and get there as soon as you can. We’re pretty sure you will be a regular customer once you get a taste of their natural organic eats.



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