One of the more difficult things about taking a long vacation, like the one we’re planning to the Grand Canyon in a few weeks, is that you have to make sure you pack everything you need to take with you. How many of us have set off on our 2 week or longer vacation road trip and get 20 miles or so down the road and realize you forgot the camera battery, your supply of water or the all important pillow? The best thing to do is get yourself a printable vacation planning list (click to download) and start using it a few days or a week or more before it’s time to head out.

What we normally do a few days to a couple of weeks before our vacation is start to set stuff out in a corner of the family room as we check it off of our list. And then as we load up the truck we go through the list again to make sure we have everything we need. Jean made the list last year when we went to the Florida panhandle around Santa Rosa Beach and I recently modified it to make it a bit more general and less personal to just us. We usually have made some kind of list, but this one covers almost everything you can think of to pack if you are taking a road trip and it can be modified so you can personalize it and use it for a cruise or your next airplane destination vacation.

Of course you will probably want to modify this packing list for your vacation because, even though I’ve taken out specific personal items, we have no idea what your eating habits and other travel habits are. This is just a general guide to get you started thinking about things you might want to include on your next trip. It is easy to modify if you need to. All you have to do is click on the link and when it opens up as a Google Doc click File on the upper left and choose Word if you want to modify it with the formatting you see here or chose Text if you just want to modify it and print it out as a 3 page document. You can also download the packing list as a PDF file but you won’t be able to edit it.

Download your printable vacation planning list here and make life easier next time you get ready for a vacation.

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