Cracker Barrel is a frequent stop for just about any traveler of the interstate highway system in the United States mainly because their food is great, you get your order fast and the service is down home country polite. Jean and I have stopped in many a Cracker Barrel on our travels throughout Florida and up the east coast and I’d have to say that the location in Macon Georgia off of exit 3 on I-475 has them all beat for courtesy and a team work ethic.

Somebody made a serious effort in this Cracker Barrel to serious customer service. When we walked in on the afternoon of September 27 on our trip out to Colorado and Arizona, we were seated immediately and before we had time to talk about what we were going to get, a waitress was there to greet us and get our drinks. And then, 2 other waitresses asked if we had been helped before the first one even had the chance to bring our drinks to us. Once we ordered, it was out within about 5 minutes. Yes, that is correct, our order arrived about 5 minutes after we told the waitress what we wanted. We do order the veggie plates most of the time when visiting Cracker Barrel (which is a simple order), but somebody is on top of these kind of orders here in Macon and there is no waiting around.

As we were finishing up our lunch, the manager came over and asked how our meal was and we small chatted for a couple of minutes. We told her how impressed we were with the service and she said that it was because, “We’re just happy people.” That was more than obvious in the way this team of people was on top of the details about what they were doing and who the customer was. I can bet you there isn’t a single worker at the Cracker Barrel on 4905 Brookhaven Road, Macon, GA that has ever said, “That isn’t my job.” Well, someone may have said that, but they probably aren’t still working there. In all we had 5 different waitresses that stopped by our table to offer some kind of help to either us or to help the main waitress by removing dishes or bringing us a cup of ice to go as were getting ready to leave.

When customer service is done right, it doesn’t need to be rocket science because it is a pretty simple thing to do. Cracker Barrel in Macon Georgia on I-475 could give lessons to many a small and large business. Stop in for a visit next time you pass through Macon up or down the I-75 corridor and get schooled while you enjoy some tasty Cracker Barrel vittles.


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