Clean fresh water is essential for life and health. When traveling by car, plane, train or motorcycle keeping the necessary supply of fresh water available can be cumbersome. In doing research for survival supplies we came across the best water bottle for traveling solution; it’s called the Sport Berkey. The Sport Berkey is a 20 ounce water bottle that hosts its own personal water filtration system. That means no matter where you are you can provide yourself with the fresh clean water you need to re-hydrate yourself. Of course if you take your Sport Berkey on a plane, make sure it is empty of liquid before you board, otherwise you will lose it going through security.

As we have been traveling across the USA we have found this $25 water bottle a real convenience. Rather than having to tote a case of water and deal with the disposal of multiple plastic bottles a day that normally would be littering up the truck, we simply fill up our Berkey Sport at whatever hotel, gas station or rest area we take pause at. On top of the cap, there is a handy round handle that makes it easy to hang your bottle on a hook, when you need your hands free, like when you go into the rest room and you don’t want to leave it on the counter or floor.

What’s more impressive is that the best water bottle for traveling has a shelf life of 50 years, a filter that is good for 640 refills of municipal water and the fact that it is free of BPA toxins that are found in many plastic water bottles. If we had to we could fill it up over 160 times from a turbid water source – water that has heavy sediment in it. This personal water purification system deals with harmful chemicals, heavy metals, sediments, unpleasant flavors, and harmful microscopic pathogens like e-coli, Giardia and more. The Sport Berkey is, in our opinion, the best water bottle travel companion we have, besides each other of course.


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