The opportunity to spend quality time with your partner helps build strong chemistry between both of you as well as help renew your vows once more. Romantic vacations provide the perfect time to bolster your relationship and secure your partner with your undying love and trust. There are many places which offer such passionate options for you to experience with your partner. Listed below are 10 such romantic holidays within the U.S.

1. Florida Keys, Florida
The white beaches of Miami hold ultimate fun and experiences for romantic couples in search of privacy and quality time with each other. But in search of a quieter getaway go to Florida Keys, 129 km away from Miami. Do not miss the Floating bridge on water along the overseas highway at U.S. Route 1. Also plan a laid back day of fishing, bathing, lounging at Islamorada. Look out for shipwreck museums, century old architecture around for some exploring-time together.

2. Hawaii Islands
This string of six tropical islands forms the perfect getaway for romantic couples. The sunrise at Haleakala, sunset at Waikiki beach, gardens, volcanoes, Maui hiking to Sweetheart Rock, hand-in-hand strolling along beaches, waterfall baths, lazy sailing along coastline, etc., make it a piece of heaven on earth.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada
In Las Vegas even if you do not gamble, the experience of just walking down the road holding hands, whispering secrets and cuddling together will be made memorable. This action-packed city does not sleep and entertains you day and night whenever you are in a mood to. The travel the world offer is present only here as nowhere else, the Eiffel of Paris, the Venetian Gondola, boat trip along Nile is unforgettable. If nature calls you strong do not miss the trip to the Red Rock Canyon together.

4. Puerto Rico, San Juan
The carefree lifestyle of the Caribbean is synonymous to romance. Explore marine life, hiking to rain forests, and various activities. Evenings are to be spent on the beaches sipping champagne and luxuriating in each other’s company.

5. Niagara Falls, New York
Whether in summer or winter this natural wonder is enchanting and a priceless experience for honeymooners. Choose a room with a view of the scintillating night illumination and with spa retreats dotting the days, it will give you a sure chance to connect to your sweetheart like never before.

6. Napa Valley, California
Wineries surrounded with rolling hills serving French food and world-class Cabernet make Napa Valley a delicious honeymoon spot.

7. New York, New York
A horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park, feeling on-the-top-of-the-world at the Empire State Building, circle line cruising, gazing Manhattan skyline at night together over champagne and vows of undying love make it an unforgettable experience to cherish lifelong.

8. Yosemite, California
You can never go wrong with a romantic getaway to a cabin hired near this California’s biggest National Park. Waterfalls, lakes, forest trails, landscapes and fun filled activities make your days active with trust and togetherness whereas nights are balmy and encouraging for fruitful conversations and lone time in each other’s company.

9. San Francisco, California
This is arguably one of the most interesting places to explore for couples in love seeking time in each other’s company. While enjoying cocktails along the sunset cruising, holding hands while enjoying its beautiful coastal scenery, evening Operas at the Golden Gate, visits to the Nob Hill, hiking at the Muir Woods, etc., life seems an unending romantic journey.

10. Charleston, South Carolina
Steeped with historical significance, cobblestone streets, forts, galleries, etc., Charleston of South Carolina offers an old world charm that is irresistible and very romantic. Riding on a horse drawn carriage, weaving talks of love to your dearest, exploring art and planning the future over rounds of golf will bring you close to your partner and tie you both in a never-breaking bond of love and togetherness.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who also happens to be a voracious traveler. Amongst all, she fell in love with Bermuda and the beach resorts there. According to her the saloons and spas at the Bermuda resorts were one of the best in the world and provides the best facility to maintain a healthy and clear skin.


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