My wife and I absolutely love Gatlinburg Tennessee and gallivanting around the Smoky Mountains National Park and we also love to stay in a log cabin rental when we vacation there. Over the years we have been going to Gatlinburg (it’s time for another adventure soon) we have seen cabins go to ever more outrageous luxuries and amenities to please an ever demanding crowed of vacationers. The first time we ever stayed in a cabin in Gatlinburg (it was actually in Pigeon Forge) it was on our honeymoon and it was a nice place with a jacuzzi and hot tub, but not over the top as you see today.

My first trip to Gatlinburg was actually in the early 1980’s really before the big cabin building craze started to hit this area. There were plenty of cabins in the Smoky Mountains at the time, but they were much more rustic years ago. A friend’s family had a cabin in the Gatlinburg area back in those days and it was little more than a log building with 4 walls a sleeping area, a small kitchen and a wood burning stove. Today’s cabins are huge and feature tongue and groove paneling indoors, luxurious furnishings, game rooms with pool tables, granite counter tops in the kitchens and much more, and those seem to be the standard cabins. There is even a class of cabins that features indoor swimming pools, stainless appliances in the kitchens, rich wood cabinetry in the kitchens, even higher grade furnishings, movie theaters and I’ve even run across one cabin that features a go-kart track on the 5 acre property. It truly is amazing what kinds of cabin rentals you can find in Gatlinburg these days.

The nice things about these kind of cabin rentals, besides the incredible amenities, is that they cost way below what you would pay to stay in a nice suite at a hotel that even remotely came close to what these places offer. Some hotel suites with this level of luxurious amenities would cost you thousands of dollars a night, but most of these Gatlinburg luxury cabins can be had for $250 to $500 a night for 1 to 4 bedroom cabins and up to $650 to $1,200 a night for the larger 5 to 8 bedroom cabins and lodges for large groups.

Just to get a taste of what’s available in some of these luxurious cabin rentals, I’ve included some photos and a little about a few of the top rental properties I’ve been able to find. Enjoy!

The Swimming Hole

Timber Tops Luxury Cabins has the most over the top outrageous cabins and The Swimming Hole is a 1 bedroom 2.5 bath cabin that features an indoor pool with a waterfall and a sky painted ceiling, a pool table, a hot tub, a jetted tub, plus beautiful furnishings and decor. It rents for between $295 and $395 a night depending on season.

The Swimming Hole Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

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Scenic Mountain Pool

As you can obviously tell by the name, this is another cabin with a swimming pool, and yes, it is indoors. And as you can see by the picture below, this cabin looks more like a Roman bath with its stonework around the pool and marble like statues adorning the property. Scenic Mountain Pool is also a 1 bedroom cabin that has 1.5 baths and it rents for between $295 and $395 per night.

Scenic Mountain Pool Timber Tops Cabins

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Splish Splash

Splish Splash Gatlinburg cabin rental also from, has a beautiful pool, a nice pool deck and great amenities, but its furnishings are what sets it apart from other cabins. The luxurious couches, tables and chairs along with the other decor in Splish Splash, and of course the indoor pool makes this cabin one of a kind.

This 4 floor 3 bedroom 4.5 bathroom cabin rents for between $435 and $635 a night depending on holidays and seasons of the year.

Splish Splash Pool Cabin

Splish Splash Furnishings

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Skinny Dippin

Hey, I don’t make up these names, but Skinny Dippin is another cabin that features an indoor pool and it looks more like a cathedral where the pool is than it does a cabin. The stonework that surrounds the pool area is exquisite, the 7 foot wide movie screen is over the top, the 3 decks offer great wooded views, and all the rest of the amenities make for a luxurious vacation rental in the mountains of Tennessee. Skinny Dippin with its 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms rents for between $285 and $515 a night depending on season and up to $580 a night on holidays.

Skinny Dippin Indoor Pool

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Chateau de Bourbon

I’ve saved the best for last. Chateau de Bourbon is a 5 acre estate outside of Pigeon Forge (the town next to Gatlinburg) that features not only a beautiful indoor swimming pool, it also has, get this, a go-kart track on the gated property. It also has the most luxurious kitchen I’ve ever seen in a vacation rental in the Gatlinburg area with granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, beautiful cabinetry, an island and more. The home is 5,500 square feet of pure luxury and the master suite alone is 1,800 square feet.

It isn’t cheap to rent the 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms of Chateau de Bourbon as it will cost you between $835 and $885 per night. The price has actually come down in the last few years as it used to rent for over $1,000 per night during some times of the year. If you get the chance to stay here, it will certainly be a vacation rental and a holiday you will remember the rest of your life. Read more about it and see more pictures of this beautiful vacation rental here.

Gatlinburg Cabin Rental Go Kart Track

Chateau de Burbon Indoor Swimming Pool

Hope you enjoyed the top 5 most luxurious cabin rentals in the Gatlinburg area. If you did enjoy it, please share this post with your friends by clicking on the links below.


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