My wife and I just got back from a great weekend at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort off of Universal Drive in Orlando and my initial reaction is wow, this is one nice resort. If you ever get the chance to stay here you should. In fact, you should make the chance because you will thoroughly enjoy what this place has to offer.

Just a quick run down of the property and you will get the picture what a great place this is to stay at. Remember, it is a resort, so everything you need is right here including coffee shops, a grocery store, other shopping, restaurants, bars, a spa, gym, golf, a long beautiful walking and jogging trail and 3 pools to splash in after a day of recreation and fun.

The rooms at Shingle Creek are first class with top of the line furniture, granite vanities, plus bedding, a 36″ widescreen television and more. We had a beautiful view of the golf course, tennis courts and lake from our 4th floor room. There are 14 floors in the resort and rooms range from the standard size hotel room, although quite luxurious to 3 presidential suites of 1,770 square feet.

Yes, this a nice hotel, but don’t forget when you are at a resort, everything is expensive. It costs $10 to get into the gym, $10 a day for internet access and an 18.25% gratuity is added to every restaurant bill you get and that includes bars as well. I made the mistake of essentially giving out a 33% tip for 2 glasses of wine at one of the bars we stopped in at. No big deal, you’re on vacation right, but just be aware of the costs at a resort like this so you know what you are spending your money on. Since my wife was at the Smart Marriages Conference we did get $10 length of stay internet access and 25% off in one of the restaurants, so the costs overall weren’t too outrageous.

We only go to stay one night because my wife was actually attending the end of the Smart Marriages Conference and went to a 1 hour training on Sunday and an all day workshop on Monday. We were able to spend most of the day together on Sunday and on Monday I pretty much spent the day by myself except for meeting Jean for lunch.

I actually had fun hanging out at the pool in the morning and then blogging and doing a little work in the afternoon while sitting in the hotel lobby. I did go to the pool bar and order a Headwaters Margarita (the hotel’s signature margarita) which was, let’s just say, pow-er-ful. Even after putting about another half cup of ice in it, it still had quite a kick. Unfortunately I didn’t stay out at the pool bar because I couldn’t access the internet from there. I could get on the hotel network, but no access to the net, bummer, I was getting into being outside in the warm breeze.

Overall the short 2 day stay a the Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando was relaxing and a lot of fun, I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here. A little tip on making online reservations, prices for the standard hotel rooms vary quite a bit, all the way from $200 a night to only $89 a night. However, you have to poke around a lot to get the $89 and $95 rooms and they’re only available Friday and Saturday nights I believe. Of course, if you have to make reservations for a specific date you will just be at the mercy of their somewhat hard to understand pricing system, but if you have a choice of dates choose a 2 night stay starting on Friday that’s priced at $95 instead of $190. Your room prices won’t show up until you pick the dates of your stay, so like I previously stated, just poke around a bit and see what you can find.

Enjoy your stay at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort.


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