Camden Harbour Maine Schooners

Camden, Rockport and Rockland Miane are separate towns nestled along Penobscot Bay. So when you stay or vacation here it’s like you are really in all three towns. They are all three one after the other on the map and chances are that if you are staying in one, by days end you will have gone through all three. That is unless you stay in your Maine vacation rental the whole time you are here.

We are actually staying in Rockland at The Ledges By The Bay and it is a very nice place. The rooms are the standard hotel room size, but the location is the big plus for me. We have a beautiful view of Penobscot Bay right off of our balcony and when you add wireless Internet access and a nice wide screen tv in the mix, it’s perfect for enjoying the rest of our Maine vacation.

The weather was perfect yesterday as you can see from the photo at the top and the one below. The one at the top is an overall view of the harbor and this one below is a bit closer view of the schooners that you can hitch a ride out in the bay on an excursion.

Camden Harbor Maine

Today is supposed to be overcast and rainy all day as a cold front moves in and we can see that’s going to be the case as we look out our hotel room. Since yesterday was so nice we walked around Camden, got a coffee and talked with some of the local schooner captains, but since today will probably not bring out the sun, we’ll spend the day at some indoor activities such as the Farnsworth Art Museum where you can see a collection of Wyeth paintings amongst the work of many other artists. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow with almost zero chance of rain and blue sky all day. More outdoor activities will be planned for the blue sky day.


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