Picture Of A Maine Sunrise Over Sebec Lake

Yesterday morning while staying at the camp on Sebec Lake in Maine, we were graced with a beautiful sunrise as you can see from the pictures. The first day and a half here had been fairly wet and finally the sun came through on the morning of the 11th and gave us some incredible colors. I was able to walk out on the dock and get these photos and I got them just in time because about 5 minutes after the pics were taken the clouds rolled in and we got an overcast sky for most of the rest of the day. It was also a good thing I got them on Sunday morning as well because later that day, Jean’s brother took the dock out of the lake and that ended the taking of pictures from out in the water.

Sebec Lake Maine Sunrise 2

I didn’t know this, but here in Maine you can’t leave a dock in the water because it can get damaged or destroyed by the ice that forms on all lakes in the winter. And we’re taking about serious ice here. Sebec Lake is about half a mile across and it gets 3 feet of ice in it, not something you want to leave your dock in. Consequently, most docks are portable and are on some knd of wheels and can be dragged out of the water. I didn’t know I was going to get an education while on vacation here.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of a Maine sunrise.


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