Paolina's Way

Last night Jean and I were walking around Camden Maine checking out the harbor, the schooners, the scenery and the shops and we happened across Paolina’s Way down a side street. You should explore as much as you can when on vacation because we just thought we were crossing from one street down to the harbor front and walking through an alleyway when we found the restaurant.

Little did we know that it is a good thing to make reservations if you plan on dining at Paolina’s Way because even thought it is out of the way and not on Main Street in Camden, apparently everyone knows about it, and for good reason, it is incredible. It suited our love of healthy food and desire to help the local economy just fine. The only thing they serve in their restaurant that isn’t local is sugar from Florida, organic balsamic vinegar from California, organic olive oil from the Mediterranean and of course wine from various places around the world, but everything else is locally bought from their seafood, to their produce, to their flour.

Luckily, or should I say thankfully, we got the last non reserved table for the evening when we walked in. The place is small, but quaint and the food is absolutely delicious. We ordered a Mediterranean pizza and we had thought about ordering a salad, but as you can see from the picture below, the salad comes on the pizza. We’ve never had a pizza like that before and it was surprisingly different. Normally when we make our usual pizza on Saturday nights, we make a salad to go with it, but this salad was served right on top of the pizza.

Paolina's Way Pizza

If you are down Camden way some time make sure you stop in at Paolina’s way and get a pizza or their special lasagna. Just make sure that if it’s the weekend or a holiday to make reservations.


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