If you are vacationing in Grayton Beach or the nearby communities of Watercolor, Seaside or any of the small town along Highway 30A and need a cup of coffee, a nice lunch of just a place to relax and unwind then PJ’s Coffee in Redfish Village is the place to go.

PJ’s Coffee also houses a Planet Smoothie so you can get more than just coffee. In fact you can get lunch that’s also about the best in the Grayton Beach area as well. On our trip to Grayton Beach last September my wife and I stopped in at PJ’s one day and had a great lunch. I had a sandwich called The Garden District which was a vegetarian grilled delight and my wife had the Greek Salad. And after we had lunch we went back to the home we were renting, cleaned up a bit from riding our bikes along the trial that follows Highway 30A and then went right back to PJ’s for coffee and tea.

PJ’s has a relaxing atmosphere where you can either sit and have lunch or smoothies at regular restaurant tables or you can go into what I call the living room section and relax on the couch or nice chair and read a book, newspaper or a local magazine about the things to do around the beaches of South Walton County. If you want, you can also bring along your laptop and surf the net through their free wireless internet access.

It’s probably not the best thing in the world to be working while you’re on vacation, but if you have to access the web to check your email or update your blog at least you can while you’re at PJ’s.

And if you are so inclined, PJ’s even offers a casual church service on Sunday evenings from 6 to 7:30. You can find out more at CoffeeShop Church.

Enjoy some great coffee, delicious food, tasty smoothies and great fellowship on Sunday evenings if you go to church. Stop in to PJ’s coffee while vacationing in Grayton Beach and spend a relaxing afternoon sipping your favorite coffee beverage. hey, isn’t that what vacationing is for?


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