While rustic accommodations have always been prevalent in the national parks around the United States, many people prefer a more luxurious option for accommodations, which created a need for hotels such as the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite, which was conceptualized in the 1920s by Stephen Mather, who was the director of the National Park Service at the time.

The site was once a village of the native Miwok Indians, and was chosen because of the views of the Yosemite Valley and the most popular features of the valley, as well as the abundant sun exposure that could be found.

From the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite, visitors can easily see Half Dome, Glacier Point, and Yosemite Falls, making the hotel a great choice for locations to stay within the park. The hotel began construction in the late 1920s, as Gilbert Stanley Underwood was chosen to be the architect and oversee the construction of this magnificent hotel.

Since the hotel was in such a remote location, it was one of the most complex projects of its time, both for builders and for the trucks that delivered the supplies and tools needed to build the majestic structure. More than 1,000 tons of steel, 5,000 tons of stone, and 30,000 feet of timber were hauled into the site over very treacherous mountain roads.

Come back tomorrow to learn how this beautiful hotel in Yosemite Valley was built to withstand fire. You can learn more about taking a Yosemite vacation here.


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