If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona, you can’t imagine what you’ve been missing. Grand Canyon National Park is truly like no other place on earth. When you step to the rim of this incredible place for the first time, it quite simply will take your breath away. No picture, films, paintings or stories of its beauty can ever prepare you for what you will experience.

Once you decide to visit the canyon the best way to experience it is by taking one of the many Grand Canyon Tours available through the area. Many companies and outfitters specialize in a multitude of different tours so you can experience the park however you choose. You can take several of these tours that originate from various locations such as Las Vegas Nevada, Williams and Page Arizona and directly from the Grand Canyon Park itself.

Many different venues allow you to see the canyon in different ways. You can take tours by airplane and helicopter, river float and raft tours, by train, by jeep, mule and on a long hike. If you are really adventurous you might want to choose more than one tour so you can experience the fullness of all there is to see in the canyon.

If you’d like a one day comprehensive tour that allows you to see and experience the most in a day long adventure, consider taking the Canyon River Adventure that starts with a 1 hour air tour at 6:00am, then goes on to a 4 wheel drive Jeep tour, then to a 22 person raft float tour (no whitewater) and concludes with a leisurely motor coach ride back to your original staring point while you get to see many rock and geological formations you couldn’t see while on the river. This is an all day 12 hour tour.

Enjoy the grandeur of one of the most spectacular and visually stunning places in the world by taking a Grand Canyon Tour. You can get more info on the Grand Canyon here and find Grand Canyon hotel and accommodation deals here.


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