The goal in building the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park was to protect it from fire, which is a problem in many national parks around the country. Therefore, the wood-like façade was made of poured concrete and stained to appear to be redwood timber. The hotel is among one of the most beautiful and luxurious in the area, and you will not find a view like this one by staying in any Holiday Inn or Best Western outside of the Yosemite National Park area.

The Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite is the most popular lodging choice for those who visit the valley and want to make the most of their vacation, so you should always plan your trip well in advance if you want to book one of their rooms.

The Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite is a major attraction, even for those who don’t stay in the hotel, because of its sheer size, beauty, and architecture that makes it blend right into the valley like it had been there since the beginning of time.

If you want a truly relaxing and inspirational trip to Yosemite, this hotel is definitely the place that you should stay. Be warned, though, because if you can get a reservation, it won’t be cheap. However, it is definitely a worthwhile investment and a vacation stay you will remember for the rest of your life.


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