Mount Rainier is covered in lush old forest growth giving it a truly woodland feel. There are also beautiful meadows spread out all over the park. Wildflowers and exotic plants can be found in and around the volcano and park and are an attraction to flower and plant enthusiasts as well as casual observers. The landscape is truly breathtaking and is something the National Park service is extremely proud of. A volcanic park is truly a unique and special resource to behold.

There are activities for the whole family at Mount Rainier National Park no matter what your pleasure. If you are a serious hiker or backpacker, Mount Rainier offers a challenge worthy of the most experienced backpackers and hiking enthusiasts. If a casual drive is more your speed then the park offers some of the most scenic routes in the northwest. You can even drive your car to a campsite and enjoy the park overnight. The next day you can go fishing if you like or go for a day hike on any of the park’s 50 trails. Biking, climbing or even boating are options if they suit your fancy. There is no end to the multitude of activities you can enjoy.

Mount Rainier National Park is a unique beautiful experience that any park lover would enjoy. Before visiting you may want to just check and see what trails are open and what activities are going on so you can plan your trip accordingly. Also, be sure you have appropriate attire as the weather in the park can change frequently especially in the colder months. There are even some winter activities you can take part in like snow shoeing. The park offers a great opportunity for a different vacation experience.

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