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Wrought Iron Wall Decor

wrought iron wall decor
Adding some wrought iron wall decor to your cabin, lodge or home will give it a wonderful country feel and a warmth that will encourage you to come back to your home away from home much more often.

Or maybe you have a cabin or log home as a primary residence and are looking to give it a more rustic look. In that case, you get to enjoy your wrought iron artwork year round.

These unique works of art can be used as an accessory to an office, bedroom or den or can be used as the focal point in a living room above the fireplace mantle or in the dinning room.

Whatever decor you choose you will want to put careful planning into your home away from home.

There are two basic styles and finishes of wrought iron wall decor. The one pictured above has a honey pinon rust finish and then there is the traditional flat black finish. A few artists have even started somewhat combining the two styles for a really unique look. You can find an example below where the artist has used a red rust finish for the foreground and a black rust finish for the background.

One thing you need to know about wrought iron wall decor is that it can be much heavier than most anything you have ever hung on your walls. Some wrought iron art though is cut reasonably thin so you won't have weight issues with this kind. But just be aware that this kind of art can be very heavy and needs to be supported on your walls accordingly.

Know that you know about wrought iron wall decor and how beautiful it can be, you probably want to know where to shop for some.

There is a wonderful company out of Tulsa and Waukomis Oklahoma that specializes in log cabin decor and has a great selection of wrought iron wall art to decorate your log cabin, lodge or home.

See below for just a small sampling of the vast array of log cabin decor and wrought iron works that are available at Black Forest Decor or visit their web site at

Edge of Silence Deer Wall Hanging

From: Black Forest Decor

Cowboy & Horse Wall Hanging
From: Black Forest Decor

Shadow Riders Wall Hanging

From: Black Forest Decor

Mission Pine Cone Vanity w/ Amber Mica Shade
From: Black Forest Decor

King EZ Bed Set - The Lodge Bedding
From: Black Forest Decor

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