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Log Cabin Quilt

log cabin quilt
A log cabin quilt can add a wonderful accent to your log cabin decor and make your cabin feel like home.

What kind of mood or tone do you want to set in your cabin? Are you looking for rustic decor? Are you looking for cozy cabin decor. Maybe you want more of a modern look for your cabin.

Whatever decor you choose, a quilt or several quilts can not only help you stay warm in winter, they can also add just the right touch to the atmosphere you are looking for in your cabin.

A true log cabin quilt has a very specific pattern that has been a favorite for many people for several years. Using light and dark fabrics brings out the pattern that is the classic look of a log cabin quilt.

This style has been popular since the mid 1800's and it is still one of this country's all time favorite quilt patterns.

Besides a log cabin quilt, there are several other accessories you can use to brighten up your cabin decor. As you are decorating your log cabin you will also want to consider decorations for individual rooms such as the bath, living room, the kitchen and your porch or deck outdoors.

We recommend a company out of Tulsa and Waukomis Oklahoma that specializes in log cabin decor that has everything you might need, including log cabin quilts, to decorate your log cabin, lodge or home.

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