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Lake Tahoe - An Outdoors Perspective

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Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe sat snuggled in the lofty mountains for thousands of years before someone named the Sierra Nevada mountains, the lake itself, or California and Nevada. Only the powerful combination of time and nature- volcanic action, moving land and an ice age- could have produced this blue gem, nestled over 6,000 feet high, 1645 feet deep and 192 sq. miles in size.

Steep granite peaks surround the lake, located on the border between California and Nevada, with two thirds of its 71 miles of shoreline on the California side.

In more recent times, dating back at least 10,000 years, a cultural group of Native Americans called the Washoe inhabited the area. Unfortunately their homeland was nearly destroyed in the 1860's when the silver and logging industry boomed in the area, clear cutting the entire shoreline and other large swaths of forest. By the turn of the century, the lake had become a popular tourist spot for the wealthy from San Francisco and Sacramento.

Lake Tahoe
Large scale development began in the fifties and Tahoe was firmly put on the map with the 1960 Winter Olympics at Squaw Valley. Today, while the hotels and casinos attract thousands of people each year, many more come to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the natural beauty, a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle and breathe a bit of fresh Sierra Nevada air.

In the winter people make the trip to Lake Tahoe for amazing skiing and snowboarding with views of the blue expanse from the slopes. Hundreds of miles of cross-country skiing and hiking trails lure the nature lovers who want to slow down and smell the Aspen and Pine trees and fresh glowing snow. There is snowmobiling for the speed lovers or horse and slay for a relaxing ride through nature.

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The summer months offer just as much fun out in the sun. Activities at Tahoe include sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, kayaking, fishing and simple fun swimming and sunbathing. The surrounding mountains have great hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Accommodations range from luxurious casinos to camping, but many outdoor lovers vacation in a log cabin, the perfect accommodation for those who come to Lake Tahoe for the peace and quiet of the mountains.

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Other Lake Tahoe Resources:

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
At 8,637 feet, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort rises above Lake Tahoe, offering panoramic views of the rising snow peaked granite mountains and crystal blue lake below.

South Lake Tahoe
It has been said that South Lake Tahoe sits at one of the most unique places in the world.

Lake Tahoe Lodging
Lake Tahoe lodging varies from town to town. Slow down and enjoy the relaxed pace of the area north of the lake or stay in South Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Cabin
Imagine waking up in a Lake Tahoe cabin in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Tahoe Rim Trail
The 164-mile Tahoe Rim Trail loop encircles glorious Lake Tahoe in all its splendor and passes through National Forest, state parks and several wilderness areas.

Incline Village
Incline Village sits on the north side of Lake Tahoe. The area is more rural and more relaxed than South Lake Tahoe, but it is never far away from all the action.

Lodging In South Lake Tahoe
There is a variety of lodging in South Lake Tahoe ranging from camp sites and log cabins to luxurious resorts and bed and breakfasts.

North Lake Tahoe Real Estate
North Lake Tahoe real estate offers some of the most sought after, breathtaking land in the country.

Lake Tahoe Lodges
Lake Tahoe lodges offer the perfect mixture to make everyone happy.

Lake Tahoe Vacation
A Lake Tahoe vacation practically plans itself after a half day of research. A vacation paradise, this alpine lake perched at 6,229 feet, sparkles in the sun all year long.

Squaw Valley
Squaw Valley was the site of the VIII Olympic Winter Games back in 1955. This event put Squaw Valley ski resort on the map and ever since skiers from all over the world visit every year.

Wedding In Lake Tahoe
A wedding in Lake Tahoe offers the unique opportunity to honeymoon where you marry.

Lake Tahoe Family Vacation
A Lake Tahoe family vacation is just around the corner. With activities for all ages and easy planning, Lake Tahoe offers it all.

North Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental
Sleep in a north Lake Tahoe vacation rental unit; cabin, condominium, or a home, and experience the different world of Tahoe on the rustic, rural side.

South Lake Tahoe Cabin Rental
The comfort of a South Lake Tahoe cabin rental will let you warm up next to a cozy fire or breathe in the warm summer Sierra Nevada air.

Ski Lake Tahoe
People take off from all over the world to ski Lake Tahoe, to know the intimate feeling of the famous deep, dry, and fluffy Tahoe snow.

Lake Tahoe Events
As if the nature wasn't enough, scattered throughout the year, a series of Lake Tahoe events draw visitors from all over the world who come to experience this magical place.

Lake Tahoe Marathon
For ten years, every late September, hundreds gather for the Lake Tahoe marathon, in what might be the most beautiful setting in the world for this challenging event.

Lake Tahoe Entertainment
Lake Tahoe entertainment oozes from every nook and cranny. From live music and plays to the all encompassing entertainment of the casinos, there is no shortage of fun.

Lake Tahoe Golf
Lake Tahoe golf courses provide challenging and scenic play for all levels.

Lake Tahoe Restaurants
Lake Tahoe restaurants serve up food for any occasion. From world class dining to solid dining and entertainment, the area surrounding this mountain blue alpine lake has it all.

South Lake Tahoe Restaurants
South Lake Tahoe restaurants cater to every taste bud. Options abound, from fine dining to quick, easy, and cheap. Whichever you choose, the food should be quality.

Lake Tahoe Fishing
Lake Tahoe fishing attracts people from all over the world. The sky blue lake is known worldwide for its beauty and clean waters, yet most are unaware of the plethora of fish swimming under the surface.

Lake Tahoe Cruises
Lake Tahoe cruises offer visitors a different way to experience the tenth deepest lake in the world, nestled in the towering Sierra Nevada mountains on the border of California and Nevada.

Lake Tahoe Hotel
A Lake Tahoe hotel offers one of the best ways to see the diverse area surrounding the lake.

Lake Tahoe Weather
Lake Tahoe weather affords every single activity under the sun. Days and days of shining sun. The Lake Tahoe area boasts over 300 days of it.

Heavenly Ski Resort
The view from atop Heavenly ski resort clearly demonstrates why and how this resort got its name. At over 10,000 feet, this ski resort has the highest summit of all the Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

Lake Tahoe Snow
How can you describe it, Lake Tahoe snow is special, unique, like cotton, fluffy, perfect, killer- all words used to describe the quality of this world class snow.

Lake Tahoe Snowboarding
Lake Tahoe snowboarding attracts snowboarders from all over the world who come to experience the abundant snows and the famous views of the tenth deepest lake in the world.