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An antler chandelier or antler table lamp creates a warm atmosphere in any room. Whether you are decorating your cabin, home or lodge, an antler chandelier can add an incredible touch to your interior decor. Antler chandeliers are becoming very popular decorations and are really works of art.

At Black Forest Decor they specialize in beautiful antler chandeliers. They feature both reproduction antler chandeliers and authentic antler chandeliers. It is important to note that with real antler chandeliers, no animals have been harmed in making these beautiful lights. Deer, elk and moose naturally shed their antlers and they are easily picked up from around areas where these animals frequent.

Some of the most popular antler chandelier and lamp selections are listed below:

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Whitetail 12 Antler Cascade
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This beautiful chandelier will go great in your cabin or country home and give it that sense of charm only an antler chandelier can do. Great as a Christmas Gift!

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Elk Antler Chandelie

Elk Antler Chandelier
- 21 Lights

This beautiful reproduction elk antler chandelier has 21 candle lights and measures 60 Inch in diameter around the base, 56 Inch tall. Weighs 55 lbs. It will create a warm atmosphere in any room. Unlike real antlers, our products are very sturdy and light weight.

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Deer Antler Table Lamp

Deer Antler Table Lamp

The Fallow Deer Antler Table Lamp is a handsome light source for any cabin, country home or lodge. Sturdy antlers stack naturally into the attractive lamp base which is accented by a rawhide shade.

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There are two kinds of antler chandeliers available, reproductions and authentic. Authentic antler chandeliers can cost many thousands of dollars and are much more fragile than reproductions. They are also harder to handle because they are heavier than reproductions.

Meticulous care has been taken with every antler. Each is unique and has been individually hand finished to achieve the authentic look of natural antlers. All wiring is internal so your chandelier has a beautiful, natural look.

There are many things to consider when decorating your cabin and one of the biggest considerations is lighting. Black Forest Decor also has a large assortment of other decor for your home, log cabin or vacation getaway.

Featured here is just a small sampling of the vast array of antler chandeliers, log cabin decor and other accessories available at Black Forest Decor. You can visit their web site at