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Add An Antler Lamp To Your Cabin Or Home

antler lamp
An antler lamp is a great way to add a warm atmosphere to any room in your cabin or home. Whether you are decorating your cabin, home or lodge, an antler lamp in any room can add a really nice touch to your cabin decor.

Antler lamps and chandeliers are becoming extremely popular decorations and should really be considered works of art.

There are two kinds of antler lamps available, reproductions and authentic.

Authentic antler lamps and chandeliers can be multi-thousand dollar items and are much more fragile and much heavier than reproductions.

The nice thing about an antler lamp as opposed to an antler chandelier is that they are less expensive. You can still have the exotic look of having antler lighting in your cabin or home without the high cost.

Black Forest Decor specializes in beautiful antler lamps and a whole host of decorating ideas for your cabin or home. And unlike real antlers, their lamps are extremely sturdy and light weight.

With an antler lamp from Black Forest Decor, at a fraction of the cost of real antlers, anyone can now enjoy the beauty of this unique and exotic wildlife art.

They also has a large assortment of other decor for your home, cabin, lodge or vacation getaway.

Check below for a small sampling of the vast array of antler lamps available at

Elk Antler Floor Lamp
From: Black Forest Decor

Antler Table Lamp
From: Black Forest Decor

Antler Chandelier (11 Antlers) - Teton
From: Black Forest Decor

Ponderosa Pine Cone Rustic Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Whitetail 6 Antler Chandelier

From: Black Forest Decor

Elk 18 Antler Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor