Log Cabin Home Kit

Build Your Cabin With A Log Cabin Home Kit

log cabin home kit
A log cabin home kit is a great idea for those who want to build their own log cabin.

Staying in someone else's cabin is a great way to spend your vacation, but how would you like to build your own private cabin from a kit?

The natural beauty and comfort of a log home or cabin is what draws so many people to build a cabin of their own. This comfort and serenity of the country lifestyle is something that many people are longing for today.

That can be a reality with a log cabin home kit that you can build yourself, provided you have the necessary skills, or hire a builder to complete.

Companies that specialize in do it yourself cabin kits usually take up to 2 months, between 45 to 60 days from order, to get all of your cabin materials to your lot or the location you specify.

By that time you should have all permits and the foundation and slab poured and your lot already prepped. Then the log cabin construction phase begins...

You need to know that when you purchase a log cabin home kit, the price looks really good. That's because you are only buying the cabin shell, not an entire package. An entire log cabin kit package can cost as much or more than a conventional home.

I Want To Build A Log Cabin, What Do I Do Next?
Looking to remodel? Find a contractor to help you with your project.

You are now in the planning stages and there are lots of log cabin kit manufacturers available. Go to Yahoo or Google and search under several different terms for topics related to log cabin home kits. Do lots of research and get pricing and information from several different companies because prices can vary widely depending on variables such as the kind of wood, size of wood, kit customization and other things.

While you are doing research have a look at log home floor plans so you can decide how large you want your cabin to be and the layout.

I would recommend a few books to get you started because there is so much to learn to learn. Understanding the terminology and having a feel for how your new cabin will be built will put you in a great position to talk with cabin kit manufacturers.

Here are some great resources to start with:

What's the best part about building a log cabin home kit...you get to furnish it when you're done building it!

There is a wonderful company out of Tulsa and Waukomis Oklahoma that specializes in log cabin decor that has everything you could possibly need to decorate your log cabin, lodge or home.

Whether you need bedding, lighting, dishes, accessories for the kitchen, bath, or bedrooms, Black Forest Decor has what you need. We highly recommend them.

See below for just a small sampling of the vast array of log cabin decor available at Black Forest Decor or visit their web site at:

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