log home plan

Your Dream Cabin Awaits, Start With Log Home Plans

log home plans
If you are ready to build, log home plans are the next most logical step in the process of putting together your dream home.

For most people renting a cabin is a great way to spend your vacation, but for those that want something extra in life your own log home is the only way to go.

The natural beauty and comfort of a log home is something you just won't find in a contemporary home. The uniqueness of a rural and a quiet natural lifestyle is the desire for many to pursue building their own log home.

Looking to remodel? Find a contractor to help you with your project.
The process of researching to find out exactly what you want in a cabin can be accomplished without a lot of effort.

Below are recommended books to get you started on deciding what your log home will look like, what features you want, tecniques for building, and all that log terminology so you can speak to builders and contractors on their level.

One of the best ways to decide on what you really want ina a cabin is to stay in several different cabins in different area of the country before you build so you can decide what kind of climate you can live with, how you want your log home designed, and exactly what you want in a log home.

Anywhere in this process you can start looking at some great recommended log home plans. These are my top 10 most favorite plans. I'm sure you will find something to suit your taste here.

Deciding for yourself what your cabin will be used for will determine what sort of home you will want. Are you building to give your whole family a retreat in the mountains? Will you be building to have friends vaction with you? Will you put your home on a rental program?
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Whatever you want you can have a look at some really nice log home plans here. You can even download and print out each plan to study.

The cabin to your left is one of my favorite plans. I'm very partial to large covered porches. They add a real nice extension to the liveable part of the house. Yuo essentially get more of a house for less money with a large porch.

Get started with your log home or cabin plans today. You'll be one step closer to your dream!

These books below are good resources to start with:

Once you get your log home built you will have to furnish and decorate it.

Whether you need bedding, lighting, dishes, accessories for the kitchen, bath, or bedrooms, or whether you need, accessories for the garden or even gift ideas I highly recommend Black Forest Decor. They have everything to help you get your new home just the way you want it.

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