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Add A Beautiful Wildlife Rug To Your Cabin Decor

wildlife rug
A wildlife rug can be just the right creature comfort to add to your cabin or home. If you want more of an outdoor look and feel in your decor, a wildlife themed rug is probably just what you need.

A nice rug of this kind can put on the floor, be hung on the wall, or just be draped over a stand to give your cabin that extra touch.

As you can see to the right, some wildlife rugs are more works of art then they are functional.

The effect of having a nice wildlife rug is to bring a part of the outdoors inside you cabin or home. They are a perfect accessory for cabins because a cabin already has a country, wildlife or rustic feel.

You can hang a wildlife rug in every room in your cabin or home and give it a back to nature feel.

So why are you decorating your cabin or home and looking for a wildlife rug? Is it for your own personal taste or are you decorating for a potential investment?

Many vacationers decide to return year after year to a cabin that makes them feel comfortable. They will also tell their friends about how special your cabin is, if they like it.

Whether you are decorating for your own enjoyment or for your investment you need to know that there is a company out of Tulsa and Waukomis Oklahoma that specializes in log cabin decor that has everything you could possibly need, including wildlife rugs, to decorate your home, log cabin or lodge.

See below for just a small sampling of the vast array of wildlife rugs, log cabin decor and all kinds of accessories available at Black Forest Decor, or visit their web site at

Elk 18 Antler Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Large Mouth Bass Rug

From: Black Forest Decor

Bear Chandelier w/ Amber Mica Shade
From: Black Forest Decor

Mission Pine Cone Vanity w/ Amber Mica Shade
From: Black Forest Decor

Loon Duck Rug

From: Black Forest Decor

King EZ Bed Set - The Lodge Bedding
From: Black Forest Decor

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