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Travel Safety Tips

travel safety
Travel safety is a major concern for vacationers today. You want to have a great vacation and arrive to and from your destinations in good healthy and safely.

Even though terrorism is the major concern, theft and personal crimes are much more common than a major act of crime. Health can also be a serious concern because of sanitary conditions and just trying to get clean water and food.

Knowing what you will be facing will make your long awaited vacation all the more fun and safe.

Read below for a few tips on making your vacation safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Check for any travel warnings at the Department Of State Web Site

Always have your passport with you when you travel out of the country. When I say always, I mean always, never let your passport leave your sight or person!

Do not travel with your valuables.

Carry as little cash as possible. Use your credit cards and traveler's checks.

Leave names, numbers, hotels and all of your itinerary with someone at home.

Understand the customs and dress of countries you are travelling to, so as not to draw attention to yourself.

Try to stay away from large crowds where pickpocketers can be lurking.

Drink only bottled water in foreign countries and make sure all that you eat is cooked.

Make sure your hands are always clean. Take hand sanitizer with you and use it as often a possible.

Making sure you are prepared and using these tips will give you a wonderful vacation to remember for years.

Enjoy your vacations!