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Southwest Vacation

Traveling in the American southwest is one of the most scenic and grandest adventures the avid vacationer can take anywhere in the United States.

The southwest is alive with a rich cultural heritage that includes Native American Indians and Hispanics. It also includes some of the most incredible and breathtaking natural scenery anywhere on earth.

There are more National Parks located in the American southwest than in any other region of the country. This would include the grandest park of all, Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon is arguably the most spectacular geologic feature in the world. It's immense size is something everyone should behold. There truly is nothing like it and no picture can ever do it justice.

The southwest is usually considered the four state area of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah and would certainly include parts of Nevada. And did you know that you can actually be in all four states mentioned earlier at once? That's right, the southwest is the only place in the United states where the borders of four states converge.

There are literally hundreds of things to see and do on a southwest vacation. In Arizona you can take a Grand Canyon vacation, visit the Painted Desert, see Petrified Forest National Park, ski in Flagstaff in the winter or visit an endless array of Indian ruins.

In New Mexico you can visit the "Land Of Enchantment", visit more Native American Indian ruins, see Taos and raft in the Rio Grand River, visit Petroglyph National Monument, a site that boasts hundreds of archeological sites and an estimated 25,000 images carved by native peoples and early Spanish settlers, and eat some of the best Mexican food you can imagine in the capitol of Santa Fe.

In Colorado you can drive to an altitude of 14,500 feet to the top of Pikes Peak, experience Rocky Mountain National Park, snow ski until your hearts content hunt for elk, moose, bear and deer and a whole host of other activities.

In Utah you can visit Bryce Canyon National Park boasting some of the most natural rock formations in the world, see one of the largest salt lakes in the world, ski in what some people call the greatest snow on earth and enjoy numerous other adventures.

In Nevada you can visit Las Vegas (not my first choice in vacation destinations, but if you don't gamble, a Las Vegas vacation can be very inexpensive), see the engineering marvel of Hoover Dam and many other wonders.

Well, we've only mentioned a few of the hundreds of things you can do on a southwest vacation and these would take you several days to fully explore. Plan on at least two weeks for your southwest vacation to just begin to take advantage of all there is to do here.

Of course the best way to enjoy a great vacation in the southwest is to spend it in a log cabin. That way you can have a home away from home and stay in two or three different locations and have a comfortable place to come back to every day after your adventures.

Visit the links below to make cabin reservations at some of the most popular southwest vacation destinations arranged by state.

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