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A Rustic Chandelier Adds A Great Touch

rustic chandelier
A rustic chandelier will create a warm atmosphere in any cabin, home or lodge. Whatever kind of dwelling you are decorating, this kind of chandelier can add an incredible touch to your interior decor.

Rustic chandeliers are becoming very popular decorations and as you can see to the right, they are really works of art.

A rustic chandelier will fit well in most cabins or country homes. One thing you need to remember though when you are decorating and decide to install a chandelier, it will likely be the focal point of the room, so it needs to fit.

It will set the tone for the entire room that it is in so everything needs to go with it in some way.

Are you ready to start decorating your cabin or home in the rustic country style. A beautiful rustic chandelier like the one above might just be what you are looking for.

At Black Forest Decor they specialize in beautiful rustic chandeliers. They have a nice selection of the kind of chandeliers that will go with any kind of lodge, country home or cabin decor.

Black Forest Decor also has a large assortment of other decor for your home or vacation getaway.

See below for just a small sampling of the vast array of chandeliers, log cabin decor and other accessories available at Black Forest Decor or visit their extensive web site at

Bear TeePee Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Whitetail 6 Antler Chandelier

From: Black Forest Decor

Antler Chandelier (11 Antlers)
From: Black Forest Decor

Ponderosa Pine Cone Rustic Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor

Elk 18 Antler Chandelier
From: Black Forest Decor