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Paul Murray's Museum of Appalachia

Paul Murray museum of appalachia
A museum of Appalachia awaits you in the artist community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The artist Paul Murray has captured the essence of Appalachian and Ontario farming life as it once was and still is for a few remaining individuals.

His newly opened museum, a circa 1895 homestead, is like a window in time. Filled with Paul's extraordinary art, one is taken back to a simpler time in the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky.

My wife Jean and I discovered this fine treasure on our September 2004 trip to eastern Tennessee...a treasure you don't want to miss.

Nestled in the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community on Glades Rd. just outside of Gatlinbug Paul Murray's art waits to be experienced.

My advice is this, spend as much time as you need in the Arts and Crafts Community, have lunch, shop some more...and then go see Paul Murray's art last.

Why, you ask...

Honestly, Paul's art is in a class by itself and you run the risk of being disappointed by everything else if you see his art first.

There is some creative and interesting browsing in the arts community and then there is Paul Murray's art. That's why I call it a museum of Appalachia, because it truly is museum quality work.

Paul's talent was recognized at an early age and he ended his formal schooling at the age of 13 letting nature be his only teacher thereafter.

Paul is a realist and he paints his subjects soul into every drawing and painting. His precision and skill is truly amazing, but his art goes much further. He paints his subject's personality into his work, something that is rarley captured by photography, much less by artists.

museum of appalachia art consultant
We were fortunate enough while browsing the Paul Murray Gallery to be able to meet and talk with one of their art consultants, Vicki Clinton.

Vicki is an expert on Paul's art and the subjects he paints and draws. It was so interesting to talk with Vicki about the people of the Appalachian mountains and their history.

The people of Appalachia are unaffected by the wheels of progress, living life as their ancestors did generations ago. Vicki's knowledge and insight to these mountain people helped bring Paul's work to life and helped us appreciate the rugged simplicity of the lives of his subjects.

You must visit Paul Murray's galleries while you are in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area. If you miss them you will truly miss a jewel nestled in the smokies.

Their locations outside the Gatlinburg area are:

appalachian art

672 Glades Rd
Gatlinburg, TN
Phone 865-436-8445

Toll Free 800-567-3220

1003 Glades Rd
Gatlinburg, TN
Phone 865-430-8445

Or you can visit their website or contact them by email.

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