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Looking For A Log Cabin For Sale?

Log Cabin For Sale
If you are looking for a log cabin for sale you must already know that living in a cabin is a great way of life.

Really, is there anything better than living, or vacationing in a log cabin? If you have only vacationed in a log cabin, maybe now it's time you think about owning your own cabin.

The traditional log cabin was introduced to this country back in the 1700's by the Swedes. The reason you see so much log style architecture in the Appalachian regions of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia is because that's where the Swiss first settled in this country.

The log cabin has come a long way from its original roots as a 10' x 20' single room that featured only a single and maybe had a loft for sleeping. Many people are building fabulous log homes today in the multi-million dollar price range.

The draw of a log cabin or home is that it has a very warm and cozy feel. The essence of a log structure is that it brings the outdoors in. With many cabins featuring natural stone fireplaces, beautiful character logs and other features, it really is like having part of the outdoors inside your home.

Well, now that you've decided to look for a log cabin for sale, you need to decide what you want and where you want your cabin to be. Do you want to build a cabin or buy a cabin? Will it be for investment and be on a rental program or do you want it all for your own?

Where would you like to build or buy your cabin? How does the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge Tennessee area sound? Maybe you are looking for something a little more secluded. How about Colorado? There are some really beautiful and secluded areas in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and northern California.

There are also two basic styles of Log cabins to choose from, full scribe and chink style. You have probably seen both. With the full scribe style cabin, each log is scribed so it fits perfectly to the next log. With this design you have no gaps in your walls and it is extremely waterproof.

Chink style cabins use round logs with a dovetail corner and have gaps in the walls that are filled with a large amount of latex and sand calk. This chink is a great weather barrier.

If a log cabin is something you've always dreamed of then you need to get busy and start looking to see what's available. Or if you want something custom you can have a cabin built so you get exactly what you want. But you first need to find some land to build on.

You can get started today looking for a home in anywhere in the country by searching the MLS service wherever you choose for your perfect home or vacation retreat.

I highly recommend using the eBay real estate finder to get a grasp on everything that's available in every price range so you can find your perfect log cabin for sale.