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Gatlinburg Hotel

gatlinburg hotel
Would you rather stay in a Gatlinburg Hotel or a Gatlinburg log cabin? Which sounds more fun, exciting and enjoyable for your vacation?

Well, let's see. With a hotel room you get 4 walls, a bathroom, and a TV set. With a log cabin you get everything that comes with a house including a full size refrigerator, a dining room table, a jacuzzi, and sometimes you get a game room and even more.

And guess what?

Many times the price is nearly the same for a cabin. So again, would you rather stay in a Gatlinburg hotel or a Gatlinburg cabin on your next vacation in the Smokies?

One of the best things about staying in a cabin vs a hotel is that a cabin is much more private. Many cabins in the mountains are secluded enough so that you can spend a week at your location and never see anyone.

Gatlinburg is the host city to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is a central location and home base for many people who come to this area of the country to vacation.

It can be very expensive for families to vacation because they sometimes need to get two or three hotel rooms to house everyone. The cost of 3 hotel rooms can approach $300 to $350 per night. You can get a 3 bedroom cabin for around $250 per night. Plus since you will have a full kitchen, you can say on your food costs by cooking meals instead of eating out three times a day.

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Well, I hope you are convinced by now that a Gatlinburg cabin is a much better deal to rent than a Gatlinburg hotel room.

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