Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

rocky mountain national park
Rocky Mountain National Park is located in northern Colorado about 60 miles northwest of Denver. The towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake are just outside of the park on the east and west sides.

The park encompasses 416 square miles and you can you can enjoy such diverse activities as hiking, mountaineering, camping, fishing, biking, and wildlife viewing not to mention a whole host of winter activities.

Throughout its 416 square miles of wilderness, Rocky Mountain National Park truly is a land of superlatives.

The park boasts more than 60 peaks that exceed 12,000 feet and the tallest, Longs Peak, reaches 14,259 and has a summit the size of a football field. Many of the peaks in the park are named to reflect the beauty and magnificense of this immense wildereness. Peaks names Chiefs Head, Storm, Mummy, Cirrus and Isolation speak of the ladscape you will enjoy on your vists here.

Although the towering great peaks comprise the essence of the Rocky Mountain park, beautiful alpine flowers, flowing mountain streams, crystal clear and deep blue lakes along with impressive forests draw thousands to this wonder of nature year after year. A vast array of wildlife including, ptarmigan, elk, bighorn sheep, coyote and more adds character and life to this the Colorado wild.

The wide variety of landscape and different habitat offers something for everyone to see and enjoy. Mountain vistas, deep green valleys, snow covered peaks and alpine tundras are available withing just a few miles of each other.

To help plan your visit here are several maps showing various camping and hiking areas as well as very detailed locations throughout the park.

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Rocky Mountain National Park
One of our most majestic national parks with soaring peaks and expansive, lush valleys, you will never forget RMNP. Make plans to visit today.

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